New Year’s Resolutions 101


As the dawn of 2017 is upon us, it is time to start making those annual new year’s resolutions we tend to make at the start of each new year.

But if you’re having trouble deciding what to select as a New Year’s resolution, an article by Daring to Live Fully entitled “29 New Year’s Resolutions Ideas” includes a range of resolution ideas ranging from simple to more involved.

Some of these ideas include: Learn something new each day, pick up a hobby, write a business plan, read more books, spend more time in nature, start doing planks every day (core strengthening), become more confident, keep a journal, travel, volunteer and much more.

Once you’ve picked that resolution it can be difficult to stick with it, in fact, about half of American will make a resolution but only about eight percent will actually succeed in meeting their goals.

A study done by WalletHub showed that 49 percent of people will make weight loss/more exercise resolutions, 33 percent financial resolutions, 26 percent education/career goal resolutions and 16 percent habit changing (stop smoking, drink less) resolutions.

According to psychology professor Peter Herman – in an article Psychology Today – one reason behind failure to achieve is what they’ve identified as “false hope syndrome.”

“Which means their resolution is significantly unrealistic and out of alignment with their internal view of themselves,” the article states. “When you make positive affirmations about yourself that you don’t really believe, the positive affirmations not only don’t work, they can be damaging to your self-worth.”

So here are some helpful tips from Psychology Today on making your resolutions a success.

1. Focus on one resolution, rather than several, and set realistic, specific goals. Losing weight is not a specific goal. Losing 10 pounds in 90 days would be.

2. Take small steps. Many people quit because the goal is too big requiring too much effort and action all at once.

3. Have an accountability buddy. Someone who can help you on your journey.

4. Celebrate your success between milestones and don’t wait until the end result.

5. Focus on the present. Something you can achieve today towards your goal.

6. Focus on new behaviors and thought patterns.

7. Be mindful. Become physically, emotionally and mentally aware of your inner state as each external event happens, rather than living in the past or future.

8. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

“Have fun and laugh at yourself when you slip, but don’t let the slip hold you back from working at your goal,” the article states.

Good luck making (and sticking to) those new year’s resolutions for 2017!


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